Comex Master Smart Farm

• 4 Inside temperature sensor
• 1 Outdoor temperature sensor
• 2 Humidity sensor
• 1 Static pressure sensor
• 1 CO2 sensor ( Optional )
• 1 Water consumption sensor ( Optional )
7 inch touch screen.. Automatic or manuel mode.. Can be used in poultry houses with up to 24 fans. In addition to 24 fans, the cooling, heating and window opening-shutting systems can also be controlled. In the case of emergencies, anaudial alarm system steps in. Due to its computerised structure, it is suitable for the integration of 2 silo loadcells and 2 bird weighing scales. With the necessary connections,the amount of the feed in the silo and the average weight of one bird can be viewed on the screen. The daily water consumption of the bird can also be seen on the screen when a water metre is integrated into the system. Checking the whole steps of the memory.. Remote control by internet access and updating..